The Team

Who is Team ED:

Team ED is composed of five Audi club instructors who have driving experience, a great sense of humor, and can work together on and off the track to prep/repair the car. All of these skills and more are required of the team. This is not your ordinary car race; driving experience is not a top requirement. Team work, the desire to have fun and the ability to deal with wacky rules, penalties, and crushing disappointment are a must.

Michelle Collier (4racerx) : Product Marketing Manager of Fiber Optic Test Equipment. I have founded and sold a fiber optic distributorship, Project Managed Fiber Optic Networks and Distributed Antenna Systems installations for campuses, cities and stadiums. I have managed $24M sales territories and exceeded sales plans. I am a competitive person. I founded and play for the Lady Monarch Ice Hockey team who were National Runners up in 2011 and compete in Sprint and Olympic Triathlons. I am an Audi Club Driving instructor with the North Atlantic Audi Club. I will complete my Global MBA at Southern New Hampshire University in 2012.

Peter Barada (Team Captain): Principal Software Engineer, Logic Product Development.  I specialise in embedded Linux, re-targeting Texas Instruments OMAP multimedia application s processors into the industrial, medical device, and consumer markets focusing on wireless connectivity, low power consumption, system performance and usability.  How does this qualify me to be the team captain?  Uh, it doesn’t.  Apparently I was dumb enough to proffer a credit card to pay the entry fee and the rest as they say is history (or infamy if we don’t finish).  I’m also a an Audi Club Driving instructor and past president of the North Atlantic Audi Club.  Hopefully that experience has helped to get the team organised just enough to not embarrass ourselves at the races!

Mike Collier: Senior Applications Design Manager of Teledyne Printed Circuits which builds multilayer rigid flex boards for the US Military and High end commercial airlines.  Designing products for customer must take into account customer requirements, electrical and mechanical, and with what was originally quoted,  which do not necessarily coincide with each other.  As the design engineer, communication between all parties is critical to control expectations of those involved.  I am an Audi Club Driving instructor and the President of the North Atlantic Audi Club.

With Team ED, communication between team spotters in the stands who can see all parts of the race track and communicate with the driver in the car what lies ahead before the driver gets to the area of concern, such as a disabled car, or a car that has crashed, and engine that blew up and has left oil on the track.

The driver must be able to tell the next driver what to expect in a short period of time before the driver switch.

Mike Kelly: Production Engineering Manager of Solectria Renewables, design and manufactures grid tie solar inverters. Mike worked with students of UMASS Lowell and Mass Art on their Solar Decathlon project. The team built an energy efficient house outfitted with Solectria products and entered into the International Solar Decathlon in Washington DC in 2011.  I am an Audi Club Driving instructor and a Director of the North Atlantic Audi Club.

Mike has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Tufts University.

Jon Porath – professional rattler 🙂

How did this group of five educated people get together and enter a car into this wacky race series? Team ED purchased the Sheen Machine a Jetta VRX for $300.00. The car was prepped and raced by three of this years Team ED, who talked Mike Kelly and Michelle into joining the adventure.

The first requirement for Team ED was getting accepted into a race. The race organizers decide who they want to race in their events. Race experience, driving schools or competitive race licences are not required. A creative race application is imperative the number of applicants exceed the number of cars allowed and the event masters want to have a fun event.


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