The Car

The LeMONS car was purchased from a customer of Lee Malo’s, at Advanced Technologies, in Gloucester MA in 2001.

The 2011 team of Lee Malo, Mike Collier, Peter Barada, Jon Porath and Jake Tooth built the holey, rust bucket, black 1994 Jetta GLX into the Sheen’s Machine. The interior was stripped down to bare metal, holes in the rocker panels and floor boards were filled. A roll cage was welded in place and a racing seat bolted in where the worn drivers seat had been. Door handles were re-placed to allow the doors to latch.

Stripped and dressed for safety

Car Requirements:

  • Car: mass-produced four wheeled vehicle legal for US highway use at the time of their manufacture. Max curb weight 4200 lbs.
  • Roll-bar and structure: Professionally made full roll-cage required.
  • Drivers Seat and Harness: SFI or FIA approved five or six point “anti-submarine” belts mandatory; dated within 5 years of race and properly mounted.
  • Tires: DOT-approved street tires only, with a minimum tread wear rating of 190. It is a race, however “race tires” are not allowed.

Jon showed he had creative talent in hood artwork.

2011 Sheen Machine 24 Hours of LeMONs entrant Artwork by Jon Porath

The Sheen Machine Team finished 17th at Stafford Springs Boston Tow Party and Overhead Cam Bake race. A broken wheel bearing sidelined the team for several hours costing them valuable laps.

In the Spring or 2012 Sheen Machine was reboarn as Team ED and began preparing the car for the Loudon Annoying Event. Work included maintenance; new brake pads, new power steering and radiator hose, and new tires were mounted and balance on existing rims. The work was performed by the team at Advanced Technologies under the direction of team member (and shop owner) Lee Malo. The dis-mounting machine was pretty neat to work…however putting on stiff new tires was a challenge.

Black Jetta GLX pre ED Paint Job

Jon and Pete spent many hours in April creating and applying the new ED paint scheme. Jon again came up with another amazing piece of hood art work. The car looks great as well. Check out the Pinterest link for more images.

Team ED 2012 artwork by Jon Porath

Ruger testing out the drivers seat and clean windshield

View of the safety equipment: roll cage with padding to protect the driver not the roll bar (yes I have been asked “Why are the roll bars padded they don’t need protecting?”). Quick release steering wheel for egress, and a fire extinguisher in reach of the driver when harnessed in.

Roll cage, drivers seat, fire extinguisher, cool suit plumbing

In case of fire it is important to both have an approved fire extinguisher in the car and for it to be in reach. You never know what New England weather will be on any given day; the car needs to ready for hot summer days, cool rainy days and even the extreme possibility of snow. Installing a cool suit system helps keep the drivers from overheating during their drive sessions. Making sure the windshield is clean and the wipers work is important since  the event goes off rain or shine.Additional artwork of the ED car showing exposed two tow hooks in use for transporting the car to the track:

Electile Dysfunction Jetta strapped down for a ride


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