Artwork Car Painting Evolution on Electile Dysfunction Theme

Given that Charlie Sheen’s 15 minutes of fame waned last fall we needed to re-theme the car to make it stand out.  Since we wanted to run two Lemons races this year (the Loudon Annoying and October Hooptiefest) we needed a theme that would last the whole year (if not longer).

Back in early spring in the midst of the brutal Republican primary I threw out the idea of “Gingrinch for Prez” as a theme that would include painting the entire car lime green (so it would stand out on track), painting a caricature of Gingrich on the hood and include some Seuss-ified quotes Gingrich has made on the campaign trail.  Initial response was good, but Jonathan Porath wanted to improve the idea and after mulling it around for a bit sent out the following describing his idea for a theme.

Electile Dysfunction Theme proposition

Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 11:09:29 -0400
Subject: [24lemons] Of hoods, paint and other crap 

This is unquestionably the worst photoshop job I have ever done, but
what the hell. At least it gives you an idea of what's going on. The 
Gingrinch has been abandoned in favor of Electile Dysfunction 2012 
sponsored by (D)iagra and (R)ialis, now available in SuperPacs. This 
image was created using the very rough first draft sketch, poorly 
photographed in bad light and hastily colored using shoddy techniques.
I can assure you that I will put considerably more effort into the the 
real thing and that the finished job on the hood is going to come out 
much, much worse.

The plan for the sides is going to be blue with white stars on one
side and wavy red and white stripes on the other. This is easier to do
than straight stripes and hides poor masking, dented body work and
dripping paint much better. We'll letter the sides with Electile
Dysfunction 2012 along with a (R)iagra and (D)ialis (oh whatever, I'm
not going to retype the stupid things) pill.  There will be a dire
warning that "Should you experience an Electile lasting for more than
four years, it may be a symptom of PriorPres syndrome and you should
probably start drinking heavily and take a long nap." Or something.

Prep work for the body is going to be straightforward to the point of 
being nearly nonexistent. Scotchbright the existing paint, such as it 
is. Degrease, mask, a perfunctory swipe with a tack cloth that I've
been storing in my cat litter box, spray, wait, remask, spray, remask
spray, marvel at how wonderful it looks from a great distance.

That's my phoney baloney plan anyway.

Oh, as to the question that's haunting you right now: the numbers. 
They're going on the roof. Yes, it's legal. I looked it up.-Jon

Needless to say the team was enthusiastic for the theme.

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Artwork Electile Dysfunction Hood

Jon outdid himself on the hood (and the rest of the car) this time around.  It looks really good and should get team ED’s point across:

Be sure to check back or follow the ed24lemons blog to learn more about the paint and car preparation and racing events.