Endurance Racing

This is a blog about a team of 6 high performance North Atlantic Audi Club driving instructors and their entry into the 24 hours of LeMONs race series. It follows the team from their application through the adventures they encounter during preparation, racing and the aftermath.

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About 4racerx

Product Marketing Manager of Fiber Optic Test Equipment. I have founded and sold a fiber optic distributorship, Project Managed Fiber Optic Networks and Distributed Antenna Systems installations for campuses, cities and stadiums. I have managed $24M sales territories and exceeded sales plans. I am a competitive person. I founded and play for the Lady Monarch Ice Hockey team who were National Runners up in 2011 and compete in Sprint and Olympic Triathlons. I am Audi Club Driving instructor. I have an Economics and Electrical Engineering Bachelors degree from the University of New Hampshire and will complete my Global MBA from Southern New Hampshire University June, 2012.

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