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This is a blog about a team of 6 high performance North Atlantic Audi Club driving instructors and their entry into the 24 hours of LeMONs race series. It follows the team from their application through the adventures they encounter during preparation, racing and the aftermath.


24 Hours of LeMONS Loudon Annoying 2012 Results

Team Electile Dysfunction finished the race above 500

Plagued by two day one gremlins which caused the team to start almost one hour after the official start in 72nd position out of 75 cars. The team then lost another hour on Saturday do to a leak. In spite of the issues the team kept their spirits high and drove cleanly, smoothly and with intensity to finish in 31st place. The team is looking forward to another 24 Hours of LeMONS race.

The Checkered Flag

The Checkered Flag signaling the end of the Loudon Annoying Race

Complete Loudon Annoying 2012 Finishers Results Listing.

Complete break down of results by the hour.

A few other notable results including the overall winner according to the official 24 Hours of LeMONs website:

  • Winner on Laps #106 Bill Danger and the Road Hazzards (1989 Honda Accord, Boston)
  • Winner on Index of Effluency #90 Speedycop & The Gang of Outlaws (1996 Suzuki X-90, Brandywine MD)
  • Winner, Class A (The Good) #15 Booby Prize Racing (1997 Nissan 240sx, Buffaloish NY)
  • Winner, Class B (The Bad) #106 Bill Danger and the Road Hazzards (1989 Honda Accord, Boston)
  • Winner, Class C (The Ugly) #917 PunisherGP (1989 Peugeot 405 Mi16, South Salem NY)
  • Organizer’s Choice #5 Team Mean Girls (1997 Honda Civil, Groton CT)
  • Most Heroic Fix #121 Back To the Future in a VW (87 VW Scirocco, Tewksbury MA)
  • Judges’ Choice #16 Chev-itte Where The Sun Don’t Shine (1986 Chevrolet Chevette, Hebron CT)
  • I Got Screwed #944 Got Wood? (1986 Porsche 944, Pelham NH)
  • Ted Kennedy “I Wish My Car Was a Boat” Award #91 Volvo Vikings (1995 Volvo 850, Rocky Hill)

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