Racing App and Carticipate

Example Race Monitor information on the iPhone

RaceMonitor, by Karting Coach, is an app which is used by race organizers to provide live stats; timing and scoring to race teams and spectators. We used the app during the Loudon Annoying, 24 Hours of LeMONs race.  By toggling through the app we were able to view our overall standings and our place in class. The app also provided the unique and wacky Lemons team names, the last lap time, the fastest lap time and fastest lap for each team. There are sort functions to allow users to sort racers by position or time.  The app is currently available on the iPhone, Window7 or Android phones, they are working on a BlackBerry version. When at a track the app only works if the race organizer has selected this Race Monitor platform for providing timing. RaceMonitor provides a flyer template to enable race organizers to promote the RMonitor service. The flyer includes QRcodes for each phone to simplify the user experience in accessing the app. Scan the QR code and for iPhone it opens the App Store to the Race Monitor for downloading. For the 24 Hour of Lemons race, the race organizers used the app, they are not associated with the developer, and they use it to get the race info out. As a user of the app I think it is a great tool.

Carticipate is a rideshare application for the iPhone and social network which connects commuters.  The app enables those in need of a ride to connect to those offering rides. The app is available in the United States and Europe. This app has the ability to reduce carbon output and help people save money while providing an alternative means of transportation. This service can be used near where you live to provide a means to commute to/from work, or for the more daring to catch a ride while traveling in another city for business or pleasure. A bit like electronic hitchhiking…fun and exciting but how safe? (Briggs & Lampton). There are a few customer reviews on the itunes app site; one user was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised at how the app worked and is lowering their carbon footprint. Location-based smart phones and social networks enable this service to help people find rides on short notice.  A traffic analytic of unique visitors for the June to Sept of 2011, showed over 800 visitors. (Carticipate)


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6 thoughts on “Racing App and Carticipate

  1. Michelle, wow I did not know that there were apps for racers! Should have known better, there is an app for anything nowadays. GPS were great before the iPhone or other smartphones with built-in maps. I use Google maps when I need to find directions. I recently discover another app for traffic info that is called “Beat the traffic” and you can customize your route and it sends you alerts when there are accidents. In addition it gives you access to many traffic cameras along your route.

  2. Thanks for researching these – I hadn’t heard of Carticipate and I love the idea. I work from home so it wouldn’t appeal to me but I have shared it with some friends that work downtown here in Denver. I also found it hard to find how the apps measure success, that was the most challenging part of that blog for me. Great job! Where do the Lady Monarchs play? I’m also a huge ice hockey fan.

  3. It was great reading about three various Apps and how they are used in the same field. I also like the pictures you added of the Apps.

    My feedback would be to first tell if you had personal experience with the other Apps, like you did with RaceMonitor. Also, I would recommend adding some drawbacks to the other two Apps like you did with the TomTom App.

    • Hi Eric-

      I decided to omit the Tom Tom App all together as I either use the app in my phone or my Tom Tom GPS- when I “go straight on the motorway”. I do love the accent my Tom Tom has- but the hassle of not having it with me when I need it means it only gets used occasionally. It has taken me down some interesting divided highways. And by divided highway I mean a one way dirt road divided by a strip of grass down the middle. There were occasions where having an Audi with a lowered suspension was not a good match for the road.
      , and as for carticipate if I had the opportunity to use it I would be able to recommend or provide drawbacks to it.

    • Hi Devin
      I have been into different forms of racing for several years. The Track app is popular if the race organizer uses it as it is a great way of tracking times vs other teams and individual lap times.

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