Loudon Annoying Event Details ed24lemons May 2012

The Loudon Annoying 24 Hours of Lemons race is this weekend May 5-6.

For all of the Event Details check out Loudon Annoying 2012

Schedule of Events at NHMS

 Friday May 4 Gates open at 7:00 AM

  • Pre-Race Testing  9:00 AM – 5:00PM. Cost $150.00 per car which includes one driver. Additional drivers are $50.00.
  • Technical Inspection- Mandatory– Noon- 5:00PM. The car and at least one driver per team must be present.

Saturday May 5 Gates open at 7:00 AM

  • Mandatory driver’s meeting 9:00 AM
  • Race Session I : 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM—- Let’s go Racing

Sunday May 6 Gates open at….I assume 7:00 AM

  • Mandatory driver’s meeting 8:15 AM
  • Race Session II : 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM—- Let’s go Racing
  • Checkered Flag:  3:30 PM
  • Awards:  3:45 PM
  • Gates Close 7:00 PM

Spectators, Spotters and Crew:

All-access paddock passes allow spectators to get “dangerously close to the dilapidated machines” are available at the gate. Tickets are $30/weekend or $20/day. Kids under 16 are free.

If you want to spot or crew….let us know drop us a comment especially if you have experience. If you don’t have experience and want to learn more follow the blog and see if you may want to crew the next great adventure.

Directions to NHMS

1122 Route 106 North
Loudon, NH 03307

From the South: Take I 93 N to Exit 15 E onto I -393 East. Take Exit 3. Turn Left onto Route 106 North. NHMS on the Right about 9 miles.

Track Map

The race  utilizes the Main oval and the road course. Racers exit the pits onto the track at turn one onto the south chicane, they leave the chicane at turn two and drive on the back straight. Turn 3 exits the oval where racers climb the hill at turn 4, crest the hill at turn 5 and head down hill into the bowl at turn 6. Turn 7 and 8 climb the back side of the hill. Turn 9 is a left hand turn heading back to the oval and down hill to turn 10 a fast right hand turn across the track into the north chicane. Turns 11, 12 and 13 carry drivers through the chicane and onto the north end of the main straight away, across the start finish line and around to one where racers are carrying maximum speed. 

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