Team Electile Dysfunction 2012 ’24 Hours of Lemons’

Hi Classmates and Racing Fans-

This blog includes my social matrix and the tools which I will use to help you all learn about racing in the 24 Hours of Lemons Racing series and Follow team Electile Dysfunction (ED) as they prepare for and race in select races of the 24 Hours of Lemons Series.   

A song to get you in the racing mood:

Rock Feast – Highway Star

What is the 24 Hours of Lemons Race Series?

  • “A nationwide series of endurance races for cars that cost $500 or less.”
  • “It’s not just an oxymoron; it’s a breeding ground for morons. It’s where Pintos and Maserati’s battle to lap a Le Car. It’s where first-timers dice with Nomex-soiling pros.”

Spending more than $500.00 on the car is cheating and you risk having your car purchased by the organizers for $500.00. If the other competitors do not like your team/car you risk having it crushed.

Who is Team ED:

Team ED is composed of five Audi club instructors, Michelle Collier (4racerx) Peter Barada (designated Team Captain), Mike Collier, Mike Kelly and Jon Porath, who each have driving experience, a great sense of humor, and can work together on and off the track to prep/repair the car. All of these skills and more are required of the team. This is not your ordinary car race; driving experience is not a top requirement. Team work, the desire to have fun and the ability to deal with wacky rules and penalties are a must.

How did this group of five educated people get together and enter a car into this wacky race series? Team ED purchased the Sheen Machine, a Jetta VRX for $300.00. The car was prepped and raced by three of this years Team ED, who talked Mike Kelly and myself into joining the adventure.

Car Check, Team Check……Race….

The LeMONs race organizers decide who they want to race in their events. Race experience, driving schools or competitive race licences are not required. A creative race application is imperative, the number of applicants exceed the number of cars allowed and the event masters who want to have a fun event determine who will race by the application the team submits.

Team ED race application: 

“In keeping with the “Electile Dysfunction” theme shown in this year’s race for the Republican nomination, we feel that NH will be a key battleground state and want to drum up pointless support for Newt “I got better” Gingrinch.  In addition to other (probably illegal) campaign plans we believe entering a car in your prestigious “Loudon Annoying” race at NHMS is sheer genius!  The timing of your event can’t be better as by then Newt should be able to enter the Republican Convention with enough delegates (if he’s not dead yet) to make the convention entertaining with the hope that Newt will try to crush Romney’s perfectly coiffed head (leading to hours of fodder for the Daily Show).

Given the fun we all had as “Sheen’s Machine” racing at Stafford last year, we’re planning to send the same crack(pot) team comprising Audi Club instructors along with the same 1994 Jetta GLX to NHMS to do battle with the rest of the “political” field, hopefully bringing more insanity to this year’s Presidential Election.

Of course looks are everything, and our thoughts this year are to go with a Seuss-ified lime green scheme, add plenty of red white and blue pointless political decorations, but as our campaign funds will most likely get diverted to prepare the car, in all likelihood we’ll resort to an 11th hour rattle-can decoration that will blend in with the rest of the field.

Our belief is that Politics should be entertaining, and feel that keeping Gingrinch in the running (like the car) makes for great political theater!”

Other Social media tools I will use to keep followers of Team ED up to date are Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Twitter: will be used as a micro blog to keep followers informed of what the team and myself are up to in between ed24lemons blog posts.

Instagram: will be used to share images of the team, car and events.

YouTube: will be used to share videos primarily during the endurance race events.

Pinterest: will be used to collect images into logical boards

Matrix of Social Media to follow along with ED24lemons

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This blog is predominantly about cars and racing; with a focus on the 24 Hours of LeMONS, peppered with Social Media topics from my Marketing 555 course at SNHU.

If you enjoy these topics please follow my blog and be sure not to miss the next exciting post- about the team, cars and other related topics.

2 thoughts on “Team Electile Dysfunction 2012 ’24 Hours of Lemons’

  1. Michelle, I love how engaging and captivating your blog is! You’ve done a great job balancing both sides – appealing to casual readers such as those in #snhumkt55 as well as your regular readers who come for their racing fix. I look forward to continue reading what you have to say! I’m not the biggest racing fan but your blog is entertaining nonetheless!

    • Thanks Brendan I will try to keep you captivated. This weekend will be busy. I hope to post lots of updates, photos and video…check out the pre-race video I uploaded.

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